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The Hope Parenting Children's Movement tahfidz (GO HAFIDZ) is an Institution that collects and distributes alms for hafidz / hafidzah in RT.KI Marogan and Tahfidz Houses in South Sumatra. GO Hafidz is one of the programs for orphaned dhuafa to become hafidz at Pondok Tahfidz Di Ki Marogan.

The nanny of the tahfidz house pesantren in ki marogan, ustadz H. Mgs. A. Fauzan Yayan, SQ says, GO Hafidz role as a medium of information provided to the public to filter out the potential donors as much as possible in order to help the lives of children memorizing Al-Qur'an. Considering that most of the Qur'anic reciters at KI Marogan are Orphans and Dhuafas, therefore the importance of foster parent's role is so that there is a guarantee of their daily life. So his task to learn and memorize the Qur'an is not disturbed.

At least through GO Hafizd is expected to filter 1000 prospective foster parents for children hafidz Qur'an for activities Tahfidz House and students can continue to run smoothly including:

  • Quarantine / Mondok 1000 Santri Orphans Dhuafa
  • Pendidian 1000 Tahfidz Houses in South Sumatra
  • Umroh Hafidz 30 Juz
  • Severance of 1000 Hafidz teachers throughout the region in South Sumatra

Attendance RT. KI Marogan is the forerunner to the growth of hundreds of tahfidz houses in South Sumatra today and gave birth to millions of Koran memorizers from the young generation. And now the Parent of Tahfidz South Sumatera House is still focused on developing the mission. In 2015 RT Tahfidz KI Marogan started the Wakaf House movement of Tahfidz as an effort to build the civilization of Tahfidz Qur'an in Bumi Sriwijaya.

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